November 2001
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Holocaust Survivor Visits Ascension Collegiate
By: Sarah K.
Philip Riteman, Holocaust survivor, describes the conditions at Auschwitz, one of the most notorious death camps of World War II. Many times in classes, we've learned about the horrors of the Holocaust, the pain and suffering endured by the Jews, but from Riteman we learned more than any textbook can teach.
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Terrorism War Generates New Fears For Americans
By: Stephanie W.
Mrs. Tena Lane, an American living in Winkler, Manitoba, offers an inside view on her personal fears about this war and the effects that it is having on people.
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Exploring the Roles of our Youth
By: Anna Marie K.
The youth of our province have the right to voice their opinions: more importantly, the leaders of our province realize that they realize that our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and that they have ideas which are important in the development of our economy today. Cabinet Ministers and business leaders of Newfoundland and Labrador supported this idea by listening to the concerns and ideas of our youth during RuralEXPO 2001.
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A Young Girl's Dream Comes True
By: Kristel B.
Lori O'Keefe, 16, traveled to Gander, NF on November 2nd and participated in a modeling audition conducted by Xposure Models. Lori describes her November 2nd experience as being a "dream come true."
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Roncalli – A Bunch of Smart Asks
By: Jillian D.C.
Smart Ask is CBC's national high school quiz show – students throughout Canada compete against one another on issues such as geography, entertainment and politics. Roncalli's Smart Ask team look forward to six days of competition in Toronto.
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Roncalli Finds Positive Spin After Break-In
By: Jillian D.C.
Roncalli students found themselves in despair and disbelief when they learned of the school's break-in, but instead of getting down and giving up Roncalli students fought back and came together, taking a horrible event and finding something positive amongst the disappointment.
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By: Dara B.
YC 2001 (Youth Convention), what a blast! Over eighteen thousand youth and young adults from Newfoundland and Labrador piled in the Canada Games Center in Corner Brook, Newfoundland on October 5th.
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Web Development at its Best
By: Jacqueline F.
Have you ever wondered what it takes to make an award-winning web site? Mr. Jeff Boulton at Albert E. Peacock Collegiate in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan seems to know.
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