November 2001
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A Young Girl's Dream Comes True
By: Kristel Brown, Roncalli Central High School, Port Saunders, NF

Lori O'Keefe, 16, traveled to Gander, NF on November 2nd and participated in a modeling audition conducted by Xposure Models. This agency hosts various auditions around Canada for people of all ages for modeling, acting and singing.

Lori O'Keefe "As soon as I heard about the audition I was interested in going but then I thought it would be a waste of time. However, I thought it over and it seemed like a great opportunity to me so I decided to go."

At the audition the 30 contestants, both male and female, listened to various presentations from Scott Bowery, manager of Xposure Models, and models currently working with this agency. They also performed their own audition, whether it be modeling, singing or acting.

Lori describes her November 2nd experience as being a "dream come true." "After my audition I received a phone call from Mr. Bowery saying he was interested in having an interview with me, this was a big surprise to me but I was very happy. After my interview, I received another phone call, and I was told I was picked to go to Orlando, Florida to an International convention. I was very shocked but extremely excited."

The convention Lori will be attending is AMTC (American Modeling and Talent Convention). At this week-long convention there will be agents from various companies and the opportunities for the contestants are numerous.

Both family and friends are happy for Lori and wish her much success. Maxine O'Keefe, Lori's mom, said, "I am very proud of Lori and her accomplishments. I hope she has fun and takes this opportunity as far as she can while keeping her education first. She is quite capable of reaching her goals and I know she will do a great job."

Jada Patey, a friend of Lori's said "I am extremely happy for Lori and I know she will be successful in doing a great job at the convention and I wish her the best of luck for her future opportunities."

Lori said she is quite overwhelmed to be one of the few people from Newfoundland to have the chance to attend the audition in Florida and she is very much looking forward to the trip in June.

Lori also said, "I would encourage young people to take advantage of every opportunity that passes their way because the opening of one door could result in the opening of many doors. Not every opportunity will result in something positive but the experience counts. Don't be afraid to try something new."


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