November 2001
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The Women of Afghanistan

The plight of the women of Afganistan is nothing new. For years human rights groups such as Amnesty International have brought this issue to the public's attention.

SNN Student Reporters articles on this issue:

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With the exiting of the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, women of that country are in the streets of Kabul fighting for their rights? What will happen when a new government is formed? Will their lives change? Will the new government consist of groups who will continue to deny women basic human rights?

What are your points of view on this human rights issue?
What can countries such as Canada and the United States do to ensure the rights of Afghan women are protected?
What can ordinary citizens such as you and I do?

Write an opinion article about the plight of Afghan women as their country faces changes and a new government? Discuss the issue in your classroom or among friends.

Write an article about how Canadian citizens might be able to help ie. protests, letter writing campaigns to your MP, the Prime Minister, the United Nations. Make it a class project!

Other Links:
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Amnesty International
1999 Report on Human Rights
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