November 2001
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Adolescent Pregnancies
By: Katie N.
In Canada there were 64,753 teen pregnancies in 1994. This information makes one statement very clear; there needs to be more information given to teenagers on what to do if they do become pregnant.
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The women of Afghanistan
By: Jessica P.
News reports imply Afghan women are rejoicing at the retreat of the Taliban. The question is, will their lives be better at the hands of the Northern Alliance or whatever government is put in place in Afghanistan.
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Playboy Plague hits Teenage Population across Ontario
By: Shoilee K.
It seems that most girls choose to wear the Playboy symbol because they feel it's "cool", it's "adventurous", it's "rebellious" – well reality check girls, it's submission.
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Just Buy the Fries
By: Stephanie S.
I've interviewed many students in my school about our cafeteria situation, and it seems that most of them are concerned with their own health and nutrition, but they're also concerned with how they spend their money. "Its too hard to resist. I have very little money and the fries are just cheaper." Shauna Pierce, a Level three student was heard to say.
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