November 2001
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Playboy Plague hits Teenage Population across Ontario
By: Shoilee Khan, Grade 12, John Fraser Secondary School, Mississauga, Ontario

Playboy – visions of squeaky-voiced 12-year-olds huddled in a dark garage pouring over page after glossy page of busty, scantily clad women may haunt the mind. Or how about the early years of Playboy when bunny-eared platinum blonde-haired women smiling sweetly for the camera would flash across the T.V screen? The stench of millions of dollars made off the purchase of beautiful female bodies was in the air. So where were the feminists? Where were their gallant calls for the rights of women? Why weren't they there to tell the Playboy girls that they were violating their own rights? Probably somewhere else trying to sprout a few manly chest hairs to prove yes, indeed, that they were equal to men.

Playboy. Translation? Money, not for intelligence, talent or skill, but for bodies. Women happily selling themselves for the pleasure of the testosterone pumped male world. A nightmare for the intelligent female!!! A total violation of the right of women not to be judged on the way they look, but for whom they are!!

Well, not so, for much of the female population of many high schools across Mississauga, Ontario. Strolling down the halls of otherwise intelligently populated high schools, it's not surprising to see female students dressed in a tight little tee with Playboy in sparkly letters written across the front. Key chains, embroidery on back pockets of jeans, artistic little drawings on the front of binders, that infamous little bunny with the bow tie can be seen everywhere, particularly in the possession of female students. So why do they wear it? Don't they know what it represents? The degradation! The misjudgment! The horror! The horror! Yeah, whatever. More like, the sparkles! The cute little bunny! The fun! The fun! The total ditzy ignorance of a sad portion of the female teen generation! It seems that most girls choose to wear the Playboy symbol because they feel it's "cool", it's "adventurous", it's "rebellious" – well reality check girls, it's submission. Submission, to the media's highly successful campaign to advertise the woman, not as a person, but as an object. It's submission and acceptance of the male dominated media system whose plight is not to promote the education and intelligence of women, but to show off how great they look in those nice leather pants and that hot pink top---wait, what top?

Well, you get the point. Hey, I'm all in favor of the freedom of expression and the right of individuals to express themselves in any form they wish. It's just strange that young women who should be proud of their intelligence and individual integrity are displaying a symbol which stands for nothing of the sort and is in fact, in direct opposition to the high standards of a woman.


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