November 2001
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The Patriot: A Review
by Michelle N.
Overall, Roland Emmerich's film, The Patriot is a crowd pleaser. It combines entertainment, romance, action, and it also has an historical significance.
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Newfoundland Artists take their music 'On the Road'
By: Danielle M.
On Sunday, October 28, the Arts and Culture Center in collaboration with the Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Inc (MIANL), produced a concert of Emerging Canadian artists that are up and coming in the music scene.
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The All Time Thriller ~ "Roncalli's Spook Trail"
By: Natasha P.
It was freaky, scary and very thrilling. Roncalli's Theatre Arts students and many others who wanted to be involved took part in the annual spook trail the past weekend of October 27th, 2001.
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The Others: A Review
By: Laura N.
I was thoroughly spooked during film, which made me love it even more. It has the ability to scare a person without the traditional props and guts everywhere. I could almost smell the damp leaves outside the house and feel someone watching me around every corner.
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