November 2001
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The All Time Thriller ~ "Roncalli's Spook Trail"
By: Natasha Payne, Level 111 student, Roncalli Central High School, Port Saunders, NF

It was freaky, scary and very thrilling. Roncalli's Theatre Arts students and many others who wanted to be involved took part in the annual Spook Trail the past weekend of October 27th, 2001. Every year Roncalli and the students really enjoy taking part. Activities like this are for the students and people in the surrounding communities. It helps the people of the Tri-Town area see the many things that students here can accomplish and it allows them to get involved as well.

Maggie GouldStudents from grade seven to grade twelve worked very hard the weekend of the Spook Trail to make it a success. They started on Friday afternoon, moving desks and putting up garbage bags. Then 9:00 am on Saturday morning 72 students and two teachers made their way to the school, again, to prepare the Spook Trail. All day long students worked together and in the end they completed everything on time. Theatre Arts teacher Mrs. Rankin said "The preparation and operation of the Spook Trail was an excellent opportunity for students to express their creative talents. They did so with a great generosity of time and spirit. It was a job very well done."

Jessica GoodlandThe spook trail ran from 7:00pm to 10:00pm and turned out to be a success and very enjoyable for students. Roncalli student Nicole O'Keefe, who went through the spook trail stated "I really enjoyed the spook trail. It was great to see that everything was organized so well."

The Spook Trail did become a success but was a lot of hard work for students, who became tired and worn out. Roncalli student Monica Mailman, who took part in the Spook Trail said "I found it very exciting to take part, it helped me realize that the Spook Trail can be difficult and fun at the same time. Towards the end of the night I became very tired but still tried my hardest to frighten people as they came through. When the night was finally over I was both relieved and disappointed to see it end. Although the cleaning up wasn't as much fun."

Sunday at 1:00pm all 72 students and teachers again attended the school to spend four hours cleaning and moving desks back for school to take place on Monday morning.

The Spook Trail raised $834.11 and all proceeds will go towards drama and buying new lights. Opportunities like this help make things better for students at Roncalli, and it shows what only students can do when they have the ambition and ability to put off such great performances like these.


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