November 2001
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Roncalli Finds Positive Spin After Break-In
By: Jillian Dollimont-Caines, Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders, NF

Roncalli cheque presentation Roncalli students found themselves in despair and disbelief when they learned of the school's break-in, but instead of getting down and giving up, Roncalli students fought back and came together, taking a horrible event and finding something positive amongst the disappointment.

To take charge and turn things around members of Roncalli's student council organized a fund raiser held at Twin Town stadium during the Remembrance Day tournament. Through the efforts of volunteering students and generosity of residents in the Tri-Town area, across the province and even outside of the province, Roncalli raised $287.50.

Not only did the school's student council suffer, but so did its Theater Arts class. In fact, most of the money stolen was raised by the Theater Arts' annual Spook Trail.

Roncalli's student council knew the drama club needed the money more desperately. Lights and props are needed to deliver plays properly, so the student council decided to present a cheque of the weekend's efforts to Mrs. Rosaline Rankin, Theater Arts teacher at Roncalli involved in drama projects held by the school.

Judy Symes, Roncalli's student council president, said, "Student council wanted to give something back to the school, and especially to the students, after such a negative event."

Although the break-in has affected Roncalli negatively it has also prompted acts of inspiration and hope. Roncalli will overcome this obstacle and succeed. It will not suffer forever because the people who care about it will not accept such an idea.

"I'm still very angry over the break-in," Mrs. Rankin said. "It's very generous of those students, who gave up their entire weekend, to donate the money to us."

This is not to be taken lightly. Students and teachers at Roncalli choose to find something good despite the hardship faced. This may not be the end of Roncalli's hardships, but it is also the beginning of a closer-knit Roncalli community.


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