November 2001
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Roncalli – A Bunch of Smart Asks
By: Jillian Dollimont-Caines, Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders, NF

Your hands are sweaty, your heart is pounding and you can't stop the rush of energy, ideas and information flowing through you. You're nervous, excited and want to win. It's an opportunity, a way for youth to prove themselves. It's Smart Ask.

Smart Ask is CBC's national high school quiz show. It asks students throughout Canada to compete against one another on issues such as geography, entertainment and politics. Roncalli was selected to represent Newfoundland and went to Corner Brook on October 9th to compete against Westisle Composite, a school in PEI.

Roncalli is no stranger to opportunity, so many students and teachers recognized this as one immediately. Roncalli's Smart Ask team consists of four students, Lindsey House, Lily Smallwood, Matthew Penney and Mark Gould.

Roncalli was victorious in Corner Brook and now look forward to six days of competition in Toronto. They will compete against schools from across the country starting November 19th. This experience will surely be fun, educational and unforgettable.

Lindsey House, the team's Captain, said, "I'm really excited and happy that we have the opportunity to go to Toronto. I'm nervous about being on TV and at the same time trying to answer questions correctly."

These students became Roncalli's Smart Ask team because they stand out academically within the school. These individuals strive and reach for something great and are always pushing themselves to excel.

Matthew Penney, Smart Ask competitor, said "I can't believe we're going to Toronto! We have a great team and I think we have a good shot at winning."

Members of Roncalli are very excited and proud of their fellow students. The Smart Ask team will no doubt represent Roncalli well and receive deserved recognition nation wide for their efforts. It's an awesome opportunity and experience, not only for the Smart Ask team, but the entire school.

Mr. Aurele Beaupre, Roncalli's principal, said "Fabulous. I'm proud of the students and thought they represented our school really well. I look forward to hearing of their accomplishments when they go to the Nationals."

This is yet another way for Roncalli students, and other students across Canada, to show what they know. Smart Ask proves trying hard reveals opportunity, putting an effort into your work is rewarding, and that being smart is far from uncool.


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