November 2001
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By: Dara Biggin, Grade 12, Roncalli Central High School, Port Saunders, NF

Welcome to YC2001YC 2001 (Youth Convention), what a blast! As over eighteen thousand youth and young adults from Newfoundland and Labrador piled in the Canada Games Center in Corner Brook, Newfoundland on October 5th. The activities which were held there consisted of: the general sessions, which consisted of different worship teams and different speakers; and breakout sessions, in which the youth were divided up into different groups. Junior and Senior high students went to one room and young adults and adults to another. At these sessions the speakers would talk about things that related to that age group and help them in how to become stronger in Christ.

YC house bandThere were a number of Christian rock bands at the event such as Capstone, Starfield, Surreal, Phatfish and Sheryl Stacey. All the bands were from Canada except for the band Phatfish, who came all the way from England for the event. Planning all the events took a lot of time and participation from many people, but it seems like it all paid off.

Pastor Dean Brenton, organizer of the event, from Bethesda Pentecostal Tabernacle in St. John's, Newfoundland said "We began planning one year ago for the event. We put together a working committee that met regularly throughout the year. Each member had a specific area to cover which each of them did so effectively and efficiently. It is an enormous undertaking but we had a strong team that made it all happen."

So was all of the planning and preparing worth it?

"I was delighted with the weekend's outcome. To have close to two-thousand youth and young adults gather on the west coast, to see the event run so well, and to see the enthusiasm of those who attended the event and following the event is simply awesome!" said Pastor Dean.

Seventeen-year-old Melissa Offery, a member of the Port Saunders Good Tidings Pentecostal CA group, said "I loved YC 2001. It was my second year going and I look forward to going to the third, YC 2002 in Gander. It helps you in your christian walk with God when you see almost 2000 young people go to one place to be with Him. To see so many hands lifted up in the air helps you when you think you're all alone."

People from all over the island showed up at this event. Jeremy Gould, sixteen, from Happy-Valley Goose Bay said. "I really enjoyed YC 2001, it was my first time attending a YC event here in the province. I thought the bands were amazing! Even though it cost quite a bit of money to travel from Goose Bay it was all worth it. To see so many youth gathered all in one place just interacting with others and with God was awesome. I think it was an awesome experience and I plan on attending YC 2002 next year in Gander."

YC 2001 seemed to be a real blast. The young people that attended really seemed to have enjoyed themselves and are all looking forward to going back next year to YC 2002 in Gander.


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