April 2003
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Static-X, Their A Machine
By Rebecca M.
Rock, metal and possibly some very open-minded disco fans could love this album.
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The Playhouse Gets Hit By A "Wave"
By Melissa V.
On Wednesday, February 26 at The Playhouse Theatre in Fredericton, Canadian pop sensation Wave performed to a sold out crowd.
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Bowling for a better country
By Laura B.
It is not often that a film criticizing all aspects of American culture gets a standing ovation.....
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Music Fights Hunger - A look back at Live Aid
By Casey W.
July 13, 1985 was one of those days that everyone remembers.
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Movie Review: The Son's Room
By Lindsey B.
I enjoyed the style of this movie so much that I already have plans to watch another subtitled movie
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"Clueless" is anything but
By Casey W.
Their lives revolve around fashion, makeup and boys adn their vocabulary is composed mostly of "like", "as if", and "whatever".
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  Movie Review: Almost Famous
By Casey W.
Cameron Crow, rock journalist turned film maker, captures the story with such poignancy by drawing on his own adolescence.
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A Wild Ride
By Chad C.
"Gone in Sixty Seconds" is a movie that makes you remember to lock your doors when you leave your car.
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Movie Review: American Pie
By Lindsey B.
I really enjoyed this movie. It was funny and a little over the top, but who doesn't need that every once in a while?
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Compilation sounds Supreme
By Casey W.
Fame and fortune seemed only like a dream to three girls from the ghetto until Motown legend Berry Gordy signed them to his company in 1961.
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Never knowing true "Rock Star" status
By Christopher N.
It grows dark, everything slowly shuts down and music hungrey teenagers demand a show.
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