April 2003
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Never knowing true "Rock Star" status
By: Christopher N., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

It grows dark, everything slowly shuts down and music hungry teenagers demand a show. However, they get the same thing they get every weekend, and it will probably never change. There isnít much hope if youíre a band in this city, Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, Canada.

Why is it that as a capital city, it feels like a dead zone? At night the streets are bleak, empty pathways for the wind and dust. At night or even in the day time there is nowhere to go, so every weekend for three hours in a small congested club, (which in the day time serves as a place for senior citizens to mingle), bands come and play for a crowd gracious for the short hours of entertainment. After the shows, bands go back to their daytime jobs, or school. They never make any profit, actually they make barely enough to cover the cost of renting the club. So again, they're left out.

Roger H., bass player of local band, The Argerntos said, "Fredericton really needs a better music scene. We have some talent musicians here, but no one will ever get discovered, everyone will just rot here."

Not all the local talent gets undiscovered, however, if you do want to make it to the "Semi Pro" status you have to be "Radio friendly".

"Being punk sucks" Roger said, "Itís a very enjoyable music to play, but it will never get you anywhere, The Argentos will never be "Pop or Glam" weíre punk, plain and simple, 3 chords, hi hat madness and a lot of fun," he said.

According to Roger, all the local punk bands play for the same audience every weekend. Its troublesome to see them playing their hearts out every weekend and knowing at the same time they will never find true "Rock Star" status in what they call "this dull, wasteland of a city."


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