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The Playhouse Gets Hit By A "Wave"
By Melissa V., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

An auditorium filled with anticipation, cameras ready, all eyes scanning the stage for any sign that the show might be starting. That was the case on Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at The Playhouse Theatre in Fredericton where Canadian pop sensation Wave performed to a sold out crowd.

This was just one date on the band's cross Canada tour to promote their new album "State Of Mind", the follow up to their debut album "Nothing As It Seems." Everyone in attendance agreed that it was nice that they still came to the small cities like Fredericton, Saint John, and Moncton.

The concert began at 8:00pm and the performer to take center stage was not Wave, but rather Kristen Barons, an up-and-coming, currently unsigned, solo singer. Kristen entertained us with her Leanne Rhimes sounding voice for a short song set of only 25 minutes before introducing Paul and Dave (Wave).

The band, which consists of a drummer, bass player, and keyboardist, were the first to step onto the stage followed by Paul and Dave. The crowd, which ranged in age from 5-45, went wild with screams, cheers and flashing cameras as the pop duo took their places center stage. Paul is the lead singer and sometimes plays guitar, while Dave is the lead guitarist but also sings.

Dressed in hip urban style clothing, Wave began by singing, "Think It Over", a hit from their previous album. They proceeded to sing 5 more songs off the new album, in which 9 of the 11 songs were written by them including their former number one "That's How It Feels," as well as their current single "Don't Say Sarah." Many of the hits from their previous album were strewn through the show as well, such as "Sleepless," and "Until the Record Breaks." Paul and Dave each sang a solo song off their new album as well, giving them each the chance to showcase their individual talent.

The concert blended just the right amount of up-tempo and slower songs, all with a pop/rock feel. Every song sounded just as it did on the album, proving that Wave's music is not overproduced to the point that they can not do live shows and also that they are extremely talented musicians.

The show ended but true to form, the guys came back out for one last song. It was "California", the hit off of their first album that started it all. It was definitely a good note to end on and I left the show wishing they could have sung more songs. Their songs are so catchy and easy to listen to, I could have stayed all night. This show surpassed my expectations. If you ever get the chance to see Wave then I recommend that you take it.


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