May 2003
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A Tidal Wave on The Shores of Modern Music
By Elizabeth Mc.
Great Big Sea, the inspiring Celtic group from St. John's, Newfoundland, will reach into your soul and explore your horizons.
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Ever So Hip
By Joshua M.
If you are tired of pop music and need a break from industrial, rock, punk, try some Tragically Hip.
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Another Lyrical Genius
50-cent Shocking Rap Fans All over the World

By Jordan R.
50-cent doesn't need to be fake about anything.
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This Depression is Something to Shout About
By Aaron M.
I feel this is one of the best CD's DMX has ever come out with.
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It's A Mad Season
By Eleni A.
If there was ever a CD made to be listened to on a road trip it's this one.
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I'm With You Avril
By Rebecca H.
Avril Lavigne took the world by storm, right to the top of the charts.
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  Mechanical Manson
By Mallory S.
Marilyn Manson may be strange on stage but the man behind the persona a quite civilized and intellectual human being.
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Christina: Do you have the wrong impression?
By Larissa W.
Christina Aguilera has a lot of things to say in her CD "Stripped".
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Tenacious D not holding back
By Chris B.
They are the rock of the new century.
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Random Acts of Music
By Stephen T.
The latest musical success out of Fredericton High School is Random Andy.
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Star Wars shines again
By Jason S.
The galaxy is in crisis and only the Jedi knights can help remedy the situation in the fifth instalment in the Star Wars Trilogy.
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