May 2003
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Local Newspapers - a sense of connection
By Remzi C.
Community newspapers build on the 'involvement and belonging' feeling and makes us remember once again that this place is where we belong.
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The Reality of Not Quite Reality TV
By Elisha P.
Possibly the only reality part of these shows is the way the contestants treat each other with disrespect and cruelty.
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Wow! Fredericton Sure Has a Great Boozic Scene!
By A. W.
Music should not be used to sell booze. Not when half the population is denied access to both.
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Byte Me
By Stephen T.
To the satanic computers that curse the rooms of FHS, I leave you with two all-important words.
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America and Canada: So Many Clicker Decisions
By Stephen T.
From the outside looking in, today's media in Canada is quite unique and refreshing.
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