May 2003
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I'm With You Avril
By Rebecca H., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Let Go
Avril Lavigne
Arista records 2002

Avril Lavigne took the world by storm, out of Napanee, Ontario, right to the top of the charts.

From slower love songs to fast beat rock tracks, all of Avril's songs have realistic lyrics. Being a teen herself, she can relate to things that the ordinary teenager goes through. These are the things she sings about. She takes feelings, sentiments, and probably some of her own experiences, and puts them to song.

Avril left her hometown of Napanee to pursue her dreams. She was discovered by Antonio Reid, who signed her with Arista Records. At age 16, she started out writing her songs. She didn't really get anywhere until she met producer/songwriter Cliff Magness. Her debut album was a hit. All of her hard work had paid off. She was nominated for five of this year's grammies, but sadly didn't win any. She did come back to win four Juno Awards; single of the year "Complicated", Pop album of the year "Let Go", New Artist of the year, and Album of the year "Let Go".

Avril hits all the right notes with her band right behind her. It's easy to like her music. Crystal-clear quality mixed with Avril's great voice make up a great CD. Anyone who enjoys a song they can tap their feet to and sing along with would love her music.

Avril's songs cover a wide variety of topics. Her well-known hit, Sk8er Boi, tells about a girl who didn't date a guy because of peer pressure. He goes on to become a rock star and she ends up alone with a baby. "I'd rather be anything but ordinary please," lyrics from ĎAnything But Ordinary'. This song is all about being an individual.

This 17 year old punk star took her love of music to new heights and made a name for herself. She is definitely an inspiration for anyone who wishes to become a star. Avril Lavigne is definitely on her way to stardom.


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