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A Tidal Wave on The Shores of Modern Music
By Elizabeth Mc., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Road Rage
Great Big Sea
Warner Music Canada Ltd.

Great Big Sea, the inspiring Celtic group from St. John's, Newfoundland, will reach into your soul and explore your horizons. "Road Rage" is a live recording of one of Great Big Sea's cross Canada tours with exceptional songs and lyrics.

This group consists of three members who play a variety of instruments including: guitars, basses, bouzoukis, fiddles, Irish flutes and even the accordion. Alan Doyle, Sean McCann, Bob Hallett, and Darrell Power have made Great Big Sea what it is today.

Wait, didn't I say there were only three members that form Great Big Sea? Darrell Power, one of the musicians involved with Great Big Sea for over ten years recently left the group to pursue other interests, opportunities and spend more quality time with his family. He was an essential sprocket in the Great Big Sea machine and will be dearly missed. Fortunately, GBS will continue to live on, record, perform and a replacement will be hired.

Alan Doyle is the lead vocalist and grew up in Petty Harbor Newfoundland, a village with a population of less than 1,500 inhabitants. Sean McCann was born in Carbonear, situated in Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Bob Hallett is originally from St. John,s, Newfoundland. Bob was a very musical and very talented child. In fact, his guitar skills are self taught. Bob is also an accomplished writer. Darrell Power was born in Outer Cove, Newfoundland. He plays the bass but plays numerous instruments ranging from the mandolin to the harmonica and accordion.

Great Big Sea has recorded many different albums including: Up, Turn, Rant and Roar, Sea of No Cares, and my personal favorite, Road Rage. This band is one of my all time favorite groups and Road Rage is the most exemplary CD they have ever recorded or put together.

GBS have also toured throughout Canada and the US. They can be seen in Quebec, Ontario and many other locations this summer and every performance is and will be equally as amazing as the last.

Great Big Sea has many different styles and approaches when it comes to their music. Some of my favorite lyrics include: "Was you ever in Fredericton? See the king he does come down, see the king in his golden crown, riding on a donkey", "Mari Mack's mother's making Mari Mack marry me , my mother's making me marry Mari Mack" and "Walk em along, John carry em along." These lyrics are meaningful yet somehow soothing, all rolled into one.

This album is perfect for every age group, with its many styles and colorful songs. I am drawn especially to the fact that there is no swearing in the songs, a refreshing outlook compared to those albums of which every other word is profane or obscene. Instead-"We'll Rant and we'll Roar like true Newfoundlanders!"


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