May 2003
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Ever So Hip
By Joshua M., Grade 11, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

In Violate light
The Tragically Hip
MapleMusic (2002)

Have you ever listened to Canada's own Tragically Hip? If not, you are missing out. The Hip released its first album, self titled, in1987. Ever since, the Hip have been releasing quality music, that have been a voice of this great country's youth. The band is noted for it's more than exceptional style mixed with the creative lyrics and the unique voice of Gordon Downie.

The Hip consists of Gordon Downie with the lead vocals, Robby Baker on guitar, Johnny Fay on drums, Paul Langiols, on guitar and vocals, Gord Sinclair wraps it up with bass and vocals. The Hip has released ten albums on the market so far. It starts with their first self titled album "The Tragically Hip" (released 1987), then it moves on to "Up to Here" (1989), "Road Apples" (1991), Fully Completely (1992), "Day for Night" (1994), "Trouble at the Hen House" (1996), "Live Between us" (1997), "Phantom Power" (1998), "Music @ work" (2000) and the most recent "In Violet Light" (released 2002). With the light Rock - Pop Rock (more recent years) styling The Hip have maintained a steady fan base that has increased little by little over the past fifteen years. It is also my understanding that the majority of their fans are Canadian. When The Hip tour through the U.S. apparently the crowds are nothing compared to the fans upon their home coming.

The sound on this CD is great. You can really feel you are in the trailer park with the band when listening to the track "Darkest One." The band still plays one or two instrumental solos but not as much as they once did.

Generally, the lyrics are clean. The amount of swearing is almost non-existent (except on a live album where I heard Gordon swear only once).

Unlike most bands The Hip use words of more than three syllables. I have learned, while listening to The Hip, more words than I have learned in school, such as "crass." I have also learned "relished" among others.

If you are tired of pop music and need a break from industrial, rock, punk, try some Tragically Hip. It is creative, inspiring and artistic.

Sitting on a porch, working on a bike, tipping back a cold drink, just listening to The Hip makes any day a good day.


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