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It's A Mad Season
By Eleni A., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Mad Season
By Matchbox Twenty
Melisma Productions, Inc. (2000)

If there was ever a CD made to be listened to on a road trip it's this one. The beat and the lyrics are amazing and the slow song-fast song ratio is perfect.

Matchbox Twenty has five members: Rob Thomas who does vocals, piano, acoustic guitar and wrote or co-wrote most of the songs with help from other band mates; Kyle Cook on lead guitar and vocals; Adam Gaynor on rhythm guitar and vocals; Brian Yale on bass and Paul Doucette on drums, percussion and vocals.

The band originated in Florida and evolved out of Tabitha's Secret. Their debut was made six years ago with their first album, "Yourself or Someone Like You", which quickly hit the Top 10 Charts with help from the song ‘Push'. "Mad Season by Matchbox Twenty" is their second album. It was during the album's release that they changed their name from Matchbox 20 to Matchbox Twenty. They now have a third album newly out, "More Than You Think You Are". Their music is a mix of rock, blues and alternative rock.

The album was recorded in several studios, including Tree Sound Studios, East Iris Studios and Oceanway Studios. The quality of the CD is excellent, the lyrics are easy to understand and the music comes out clear, without fading, skips or fuzziness.

As mentioned, the lyrics come out clear, which is a great thing considering what they are. While the CD contains all the make-up, break-up, hook-up stuff you can hear anywhere, there is a certain maturity to the words that deal with many more complex problems than those found with other artists.

I feel stupid – but I know it won't last for long
I've been guessing – I coulda been guessin wrong
You don't know me now
I kinda thought that you should somehow
Does that whole mad season got ya down

– Mad Season

The songs tell stories of moments. ‘Rest Stop' is the story of a couple sitting in a car. The woman pulls over and is listening to the radio while her partner is sleeping. She realizes she doesn't care what he's dreaming about and wonders why, if it's over, she doesn't just end it now. "Bent" on the other hand, is about two people who are slowly changing to better fit together. The songs bear a resemblance to short stories, depicting change for better or for worse.

I definitely recommend this CD because it covers all ranges of tunes, beats and stories. It is enjoyable to listen to and doesn't make your head pound with too loud a sound. While the lyrics deal with a variety of situations, the music itself is a mix all it s own. It can go from soothing, to heartbreaking, to pumping you right up. This is a CD that can be enjoyed by anyone from teenagers to the Baby Boomer generation.


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