February 2002
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Students Concerned
By Brittany C.
A possible teachers strike isn't good news for the students graduating or writing public exams.
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Consumerism at its Worst
By Melody R.
The sound of a cash register makes me cringe.
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Bubble, Toil and …Double Cohort Troubles!?
By Lesley T.
As though getting accepted into local universities wasn't already tough in the past, this last batch of OAC students are now being compelled to compete with the zillions of fast-tracking grade 12s to get into university.
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Bill C-36 – Unjust, Unfair…Complete Oblivion
By Shoilee K.
The warning bells are screaming.
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What are My Plans for the Future?
By Alvin C.
I don't want to follow a path that I, myself, have not chosen!
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Friends and Friendships For Life?  
By Elizabeth L.
With your best friends you share stories, secrets and memories that last a life time.
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The Long Road Ahead
By Melody R.
Everything I've ever done has led up to this moment.
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Closer Than We Think
By Jillian D. & Jacqueline F.
By the end of this year countless numbers of young, determined adults will leave their schools with class of 2002 across their sweatshirts.
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Top American Bobsledder Suspended For Nine Months
By Colin C.
Athletes' dreams can be thrown away by using something they can live and compete without.
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