February 2002
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Students Concerned
By: Brittany C., Crescent Collegiate, Blaketown, NF

Many students in our school, Crescent Collegiate, are wondering if the chance of teachers going on strike is real or just another rumor. Well . . . its true, there's a chance they will, but nothing definite.

This isn't good news for the students graduating or writing public exams. If the strike does happen and it goes on for more than a few weeks, the number of required credits and our overall marks could be drastically affected.

In talking to a number of students about this issue, most have commented, "There is no way we can write public exams if we miss weeks of school! It's just not right!"

I agree. How can students come back from a strike and be bombarded with weeks of undone work?? You have to have time to learn, review and study ALL required course material.

So, in my opinion, I think a strike isn't the way to resolve problems. The students are suffering more than teachers. They have their education, WE need ours!!

If you would like express your views regarding a possible teachers strike in Newfoundland, email us at snn@stemnet.nf.ca. We will post your views in our Talk Back section.