February 2002
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"Watchdogs and Gadflies": An interview with author Tim Falconer
By: Sarah K.
Falconer's book gives an overview of all different types of activism and provides us with a glimpse of how everyday citizens can make a difference.
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Working Man  
By: Gary P. and Gavin P.
Every man's dream is to have a job at home close to their families and friends. But for some men this is just not possible.
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Online Love Connection:
Those looking for love on the net

By: Beverly Y.
Do you believe in love at first sight? How aboutat first mouse click?
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The Unbreakable Bond: Friendship  
By: Kristel B.
When people bond with one another they eventually produce a relationship that grows into an unbreakable friendship.
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The Future  
By: Jillian D.
The words "the future" are not hard to say, or to listen to, but many of us don't realize how the future will change our location, personality and entire life.
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Figure Skating: Canadian Junior National Championships
By: Katie N.
This winter St. John's and Mount Pearl hosted the 2002 Bank of Montreal Junior National Championships of figure skating.
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Canadian Junior National Figure Skating Championships: Novice Dance Critique
By: Katie N.
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