February 2002
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The Future
By: Jillian Dollimont-Caines, Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders, NF

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The future. The words are easy enough to say. How many of us spout out sentences like "It's my future, shouldn't I control it!?" The words "the future" are not hard to say, or to listen to, but many of us don't recognize what the future has in store, many of us don't realize how the future will change our location, personality and entire life.

A change in location may seem like a wonderful, exciting adventure. No more parents to dictate our actions, no more boring afternoons at home, no more high school problems. It may seem like a wonderful, exciting adventure, but with this new adventure also comes an anxiety. We find ourselves missing our friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and even our parents and siblings. We looked forward to independence. With this new, independent life comes managing our own money, taking care of countless fees and looking after ourselves. Nothing is done for us, we have to do things on our own. This can sometimes be a scary and frustrating experience. How do we find the time to do all that is asked of us? How do we manage, make and spend our own money? When did we suddenly have to be adults?

As we wander down unfamiliar corridors, walk new streets and meet new people we suddenly find ourselves struggling. We struggle because we feel lonely and unprepared. We face a hardship. We have truly begun a twisting, turning journey...a journey called life.

This journey may seem horrible now, but we must learn to keep going, face obstacles, overcome some and fall at others, we must learn not to give up! We all have hopes, dreams and desires, we are all striving for something and we must learn not to back down.

We start out as kids and after graduation we slowly become adults. We realize we must be responsible, depend on ourselves and simply grow up.

The words the future are not hard to say or listen to, but it holds a challenge for each and every one of us. Not all the times of the future will be hard and scary, some will bring memories of fun, laughter and friends.

The most important thing to remember is to hang in there! Do not surrender to hard times. Your dreams are far too valuable and meaningful to forget.

You're not alone. With effort and hard work all of us can reach our dreams and hold them tight forever.