March's Theme

Stop Racism

Check out Heritage Canada's 2003 Winners of Racism. Stop it! National Video Competition

Our Universal Reality
By Michael M.
I, for one, cannot see the problem or the reason in caring about sexual orientation!
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March 21: A day, a memory, a day of reflection
By Remzi C.
I am only grateful for being here, and being able to share my culture with others, without a fear of having police knock on my door, saying that I promote "illegal patriotism and separatism."
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By Rebecca H.
If you went to a place where everyone was the same, except you, how would you feel?
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A Word on Racism
By Chris B.
I have a dream too. I dream we can eventually stop racism.
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Its Who We Are, Not What We Are
By Eleni A.
It is time for racism to end and it is up to all of us to stop it.
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By Caitlin R.
Racism is a strong form of bullying that shouldn't be tolerated in Canada under any circumstances.
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By Laura H.
Racism happens anyplace, anytime. In schools, at malls, on the sidewalks and on the Internet.
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We Are Equal!!
By Jeni B.
We all live on the same planet, we talk and breath and eat. How are we different?
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By Elizabeth M.
Racial slurs said in jest or friendly banter, which may not be intended to cause harm, may inflict emotional pain on bystanders.
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Racism in FHS
By Mallory S.
I'm sure everyone in Fredericton High (FHS) knows the many "levels" of social status.
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Thoughts on Race
By Casey W.
I naively used to believe that racism was not a prevalent part of our society anymore.
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End of racism
By Karin G.
If there is something that I can say about humans, is that we definitely do not learn from our mistakes.
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