March 2003
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THEME: Stop Racism

March 21: A day, a memory, a day of reflection
By Remzi C.
I am only grateful for being here, and being able to share my culture with others, without a fear of having police knock on my door, saying that I promote "illegal patriotism and separatism."
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E-Journalism: A Student Learning Experience  
By Colleen L.
Students from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan's elementary and high schools worked together to produce a website featuring full coverage of the 2003 Saskatchewan Teachers' Convention.
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Au revoir French fries, hello Freedom Fries
By Farah K.
Aren't there more important things to worry about when a war is upon us than the name of food?
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Human Interaction: A Thing of the Past?
By Erin P.
We've all experienced it in some form or another; a robot-like voice from a machine telling us to press 1 to do this, press 2 to do something else.
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