March 2003
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E-Journalism: A Student Learning Experience
By Colleen L.
Students from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan's elementary and high schools worked together to produce a website featuring full coverage of the 2003 Saskatchewan Teachers' Convention.
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Dog Attacks Concern Parents in New Brunswick
By Matthew M.
Dr. Norma Guy who runs the Clinical Behaviour division of the Atlantic Veterinary College says that she will need more time to find out exactly what happened to the 4-year-old boy who was mauled to death by a group of dogs.
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A History of Conflict
By Eleni A.
Many of us know about the enmity between the United States and Iraq, but most of us don't know where it started.
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The lost shuttle: Columbia
By Ryan U.
February 1, 2003 should have been a day of celebration, as the NASA space shuttle Columbia was supposed to return to Earth after completing their stay in space.
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Fire Rages in Fox Cove - History Burns!
By Jaclyn D.
The house was full of history coming through two world wars, a tidal wave, and a depression.
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The Badger Flood
By Darryl J.
The little town of Badger, Newfoundland and Labrador, is facing one of the biggest disasters in the province's history.
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Book Drive Banishes Boredom
By Casey W.
When FHS teacher Diane Langille used to ask her students to read in class, most of them would yawn and roll their eyes. Not anymore.
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Music That's Easy to Swallow
By Laura B.
For over a month now, the students in the Fredericton High School cafeteria have had to shout their conversations to cover the deafening silence that has fallen.
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World Youth Day 2002: An Amazing Experience
By Adam P.
World Youth Day (WYD) is a gathering of young Catholics from around world who come together to celebrate their faith and their experiences.
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