March 2003
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Music That's Easy to Swallow
By Laura B., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

For over a month now, the students in the Fredericton High School cafeteria have had to shout their conversations to cover the deafening silence that has fallen.

Since CFHS, the cafeteria music station, was closed in January, there has been a drastic change in atmosphere during lunch hour.

Chris N, a senior at FHS and a local musician, finds the lack of music anoying. "Without music, it's bland and agitated, because you have to hear everyone else's conversations. Music makes for a more relaxed atmosphere," he said.

The abrupt closure of CFHS was a result of offensive graffiti on the walls of the office, and persistent breaches of noise level policies. Privileges were taken away from the group members, and the door locked by school officials.

All this changed on Monday, with the official reopening of CFHS. The school provided new equipment, including monitors, a microphone, and a headset to avoid further conflict over sound levels. And Mr. Mike Gange, a teacher at FHS, has volunteered to be the advisor of the group.

Along with the reopening came a new initiative from the students involved in the group to provide better listening services to their dining colleagues.


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