March 2003
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Racism in FHS
By Mallory S., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

I'm sure everyone in Fredericton High (FHS) knows the many "levels" of social status. Not many people know or understand these status. Let me refresh your mind.

The High School Status (THHS) are, to my knowledge, "Goths", those dark clothed, white faced, black lipped kids who sit in dark corners somewhere in the school everyday. "Preps", which usually include, those muscle-bound, jersey wearing, sports jacket show-off's, "Jocks" and then the "cheerleaders", pretty, perfect, mall sprinting girls who hang off a different guy's arm every week. Then there are those "Nerds", the boys and girls who play on their computers and fool with technology 24/7 and play Dungeons and Dragons over the weekend or whenever possible in some dark, smelly and moldy basement. The "freaks" who are either obsessed with some girl at school or stalks people around the school. "Punks", baggy clothed, near deaf, loud music lovers who stand in a circle everyday at school discussing their favorite bands or talking about girls. "Heave Metal-heads" with T-shirts sporting their favorite bands, long hair and ripped jeans. "Wiggers" going around the school picking fights with people who don't like rap at all and lastly "Hippies" with patched clothing, odd clothes, miss-matched patterns, long, grungy hair and worn sneakers walking around saying how bad war is.

I shouldn't have to say so much stereotyping about 8 different types of people. During school, kids make fun of people who are exactly like them only they all have a different appearance and style of clothing. This, Ladies and Gentleman, is Racism in FHS.

I don't think it's right. We go around saying that bullying is bad and it's happening right under our noses. The worst thing anyone could do is make fun of someone just because of what they look like, what they do, what they wear for style and make-up and what religion they are, behind their back without knowing them for what they really are as a person, knowing them at all or knowing anything about their culture/ ways of life.

I just wanted to point this out so that people will be aware of what goes on when Principals, Teacher or any adult is not around. Why these kids pull off school shoot ups and or commit suicide. It isn't all just family matters or the works of too many drugs. Just think about these questions: Are your children safe? Is your mental being well protected? Can you resist doing it or getting it? All you need it think about it.


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