March 2003
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By Rebecca H., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

You can see it in their eyes. They do not like us. We are not the same, but aren't we? Aren't we all human beings? What difference is there but our skin, speech, or religion? Does that really matter? Why do we hate our brothers? Racism, that's why. It is here, it is everywhere on this planet. Is this really how we want to live?

If you went to a place where everyone was the same, except you, how would you feel? No one would welcome you, or even want to talk to you. They would treat you like the plague. This is racism, you are different, therefore you are inferior. Your skin is of a different shade, your speech is not the same. No one wants anything to do with you.

Racism is unfair judgement placed upon a person for matters beyond their control. Their appearance most often. There was just as much of a chance that you could have been different too. Many people are shunned for what someone like them did. How is it their fault?

Racism has been the cause of far too many unnecessary deaths. For example, in New York many African Americans have been shot down, for no reason but pulling a wallet out of their pocket. This is shown in Michael Moore's movie "The African American Wallet Exchange" - the policemen mistook wallets for guns. Only when held by African Americans though. Coincidence? I think not.

We say that we want world peace, but how can we achieve that if we can't see that we are all equal? Racism must stop.


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