March 2003
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End of racism
By Karin G., Grade 12 exchange student, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB
(English is not Karin's first language; she writes this in her 3rd language)

If there is something that I can say about humans, is that we definitely do not learn from our mistakes. Now that we are facing the danger of war, we need to evaluate ourselves and ask what can we do to contribute to a better society. There are still barriers that need to be knocked down. Prejudice and stereotypes still in a society that does not seem to show any kind of tolerance, increasing racism and xenophobia that had already existed since the earliest time.

In the past, racism and other types of discrimination, had caused the deaths of millions of people during protests, fights, or just in acts murders. However, the death people are just a small number of those who struggle against unfairness; from Germany to South Africa, they all fought for a better future. We can not stop those efforts until the intolerance it is completely over.

The racism has been diminished radically compared with how it was hundreds of years ago, that is for sure; even though, it is still one of the most pervasive forms of discrimination in the world. The accumulation of wealth in the hand of few people, and few countries, had made people to emigrate to other countries in search for new opportunities. The racism, which implies a belief in the superiority of race, it is now associated with an intense fear or dislike of foreign people, their customs and culture, known as xenophobia.

The insecurity and extreme patriotism, had promote a less diverse world, meaning that someone different, it is a stranger, and then, an enemy. The difference of race, colour, religion, and/or background, should be seeing as a sample of our multicultural society.

In a globalized world, the diversity of culture seems to be the right answer to create a society with a bigger state of tolerance and acceptance of differences. It is important for the government of each nation, to create plans to promote diversification of culture and tolerance. The involvement of the government in projects to give the minorities a better say and better opportunities could make a huge difference to prevent unfairness and tragedies.

We need to, not only eliminate the already existing discrimination, but also to avoid new types of discrimination to appear. The creation of laws is not enough if we want to preserve peace. Until the big imbalances in our society still there, discrimination will keep existing.

In the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, that took place from the 31st of August to the 7th of September of 2001 in South Africa, Mr. Luis Alfonso Davila, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, said: "Now is not about prevent the war between tanks and planes, with rifles and bombs; here it is about a sordid war that happens day by day in our times".


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