March 2003
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By Caitlin R., Grade 9, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

If Canada is supposed to be the land of freedom, why is racism even an issue for this country? But what is this monstrosity that has swept the land? What is racism? Does anyone know? Is it verbal abuse? Judging other people on their appearance? Or could it be discrimination of culture, religion, even how people talk? In today's society, with so many opportunities of hopes and dreams can be spoiled by a single remark against someone's appearance, behavior, character, etc.

Freedom is peace and peace is eternal happiness. Well many people on a day to day basis lose that privilege because they're being mocked for something beyond their control and for what makes them an individual, special and unique.

Racism is a strong form of bullying that shouldn't be tolerated in Canada under any circumstances. It should be dealt with like any other matter that is serious in Canada or anywhere for that matter, with thought, deliberation and consideration on how it's affecting other peoples precious lives.

But how did this plague of discrimination spread through out the world? No one has an exact answer for it. Maybe it's the history of it, maybe they got it from their family members or maybe, it just came to be a personal thought in someone's head.

People have their opinions on the matter and people are being discriminated and violated by others for begging to differ. But in my opinion, I believe that everyone has the right to think and do whatever they want but without harming anyone. People shouldn't be judged on their religion, culture, appearance, characteristics or anything for that matter because beauty is only skin deep but the truth of caring is from the heart.


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