October 2002
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It Only Makes Sense
By Jason G.
By legalizing and strictly regulating drugs, the government could gain control of the drug scene something it seems to be having trouble with now.
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Is "Safe Grad" Necessary?
By Lindsay E.
Welcome to the biggest party of the year, with free transportation to and from, all you can eat, free games and prizes worth hundreds of dollars.
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Love at First Sight
By Candace W.
To me, this phrase is pure, unrealistic silliness.
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"Who's Hot and Who's Not"
By Jennifer W.
Quite a number of us are reaching for the hair dye and skanky tops in order to be that sexier person.
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Teens Spill Their Guts
By Nira D.
The Website TeenConnection.org talks about statistics relating to self-image and the media.
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"I'm Too Fat" - Body Image and Eating Disorders in Teenage Girls
By Erin P.
We are still very much prisoners of our own self-criticism.
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