October 2002
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Is "Safe Grad" Necessary?
By Lindsay E., Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Welcome to the biggest party of the year, with free transportation to and from, all you can eat, free games and prizes worth hundreds of dollars.

"Safe Grad" is that party of the year. At Fredericton High, it is also a huge fundraiser with the goal of $10 000, to be spent on a grad class each year. But with this large goal, fundraising is a must, and many hours of planning go into making this night spectacular.

FHS grade 12 student, Angela Tranquilla said Safe Grad is a party at the end of the year with the absent of alcohol. Angela said she is really looking forward to Safe Grad, held the same night as and right after graduation. Angela said "It's something everyone will remember."

Many FHS students had the same idea as Angela. They heard it was fun, at a lake and had free games. Most agreed "Safe Grad" was necessary, but are still concerned there will be plenty of other parties after school where students might drink and drive. But it was more appreciated and wanted by the grads because it's a party for them and one last chance to see everyone together.

Of course there were people who thought a party without drinking was pointless. But as the executives of this once-a-year event have stated numerous times, "When the night comes you'll see those people appreciating what their school has done, throwing the best party, for the best cause, a well deserving class of 2003."

Safe Grad, say this years executive, is not just about the absent of alcohol, it's the feeling of caring individuals reaching a huge and successful point in their life and celebrating it to the fullest, together.

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