October 2002
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Born to be a Star
By Lindsay E.
From the sounds of his first album, Craig David will make it to where he deserves to be.
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In the Shadow of the Valley of Death
By Christopher C.
After enduring the darkest hour during the Columbine massacre, Marilyn Manson returns with arguably their most powerful revelation.
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"The Memory Lives On..."
By Kyle K.
Dream Theatre's Metropolis Part Two, "Scenes From A Memory" is a concept album that tells a story through music, lyrics and characters.
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Caught in the blaze
By Nick W.
Pillar, the dove award winning band has a new cd out, and it's packed with hard hitting beats and in-your face riffs that takes new aged hard rock to the next dimension.
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Figure Four: When It's All Said and Done
By Jerrod F.
Figure Four are known as Winnipeg heavyweights. Their new CD "When It's All Said and Done" pretty much tells you why they are known as heavyweights.
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Welcome to Nellyville!!
By Farah K.
After snagging four Grammy nominations, an American music award, and being named one of People magazine's "Breakthrough" talents of 2001, Nelly is back again.
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