October 2002
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Caught in the blaze
By Nick Walton, 17, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Pillar's Fireproof

Pillar Pillar, the Dove award-winning band has a new cd out, and it's packed with hard hitting beats and in-your face riffs that takes new aged hard rock to the next dimension. If you were to dub out the vocals to this band, you would be missing a lot, but you would think these were the stereotypical hit rock stars as their music justifies, but these boys are all about the God they serve, and are not ashamed to tell you about it.

This band has been through a drastic change since the last cd. They have a new guitarist by the name of Noah and he is bringing low crunchy chorus and melodic dreamy verses that bring out the true natural ability of his fellow band mates. The rest of the crew still consists of the musical stylings of the original band, Rob on vocals, Brad and drums, and Kalel on bass.

This band has been together since 1998 and are still bringing the noise to Christian rock scene. When trying to explain their style you can only call it Pillar, they have their own unique sound, but for interest sake, they're classified as hard rock. This new cd has a different feel than the first but measures and surpasses it.

Their first album called "Above" won the Dove Hardrock Album of the Year Award, and their song "Open your Eyes" raced up the Christian charts, both video and music, to number one. These boys put on amazing shows and just because they are Christian doesn't mean they bring the house down.

This album, done at Flicker Recordings, was very well done. The producer Travis Wyrick took this band's talent to the next level. The editing and effects are done superbly but not over done in which would make the music sound too fabricated. The guitarist and voices blend in a way that has never been heard before, unexplainable really, but just done in such a fashion that it blows your mind and leaves you yearning for more. The only downfall to this cd, is the bass is not always as present as it should be. The title track for instance, is very hard to hear the bass. On the other hand, in the slower moving verses in some songs, you can hear the bass, like in "Further" and "Indivisible".

The style of this band is unexplainable, as previously stated, they are simply Pillar. They are classified as hard rock to make things easy, but classifying is more of an insult to their talent, their music is beyond a shadow of a doubt, beyond classifying.

The lyrics that accompany this hybrid music is the most important part of recording. They are in-your-face Christian words that challenge the believers and make the lost question. Rob talks about many recent issues involving believers. Examples are in "Indivisible" talking about America taking off "In God we Trust" their money, and in "Just to get by", asking so called Christians if they're living the life they should be. This band consists of one guitarist, bassist, drummer, and vocalist, and only God knows how these four talents managed to find each other, but the musical world is more than happy to see them together as they set the Christian rock world on fire.

As far as talent goes, these guys have it to spare. Their musical attributes are unheard of in the music scene, where they are so original and untouchable by musicians. The heart pounding riffs, take and push your musical enjoyment to the limit as the bass goes wild in the back of the scene. The drummer sometimes goes unnoticed but lays down firm beats that are clearly from the hands of a well rounded drummer. The vocals of Rob are astonishing and are unmatched in the music of today. This heavenly voice brings the messages thru in the verses and hits you with them with his distinctive aggressive singing in the chorus.

If you want to be challenged in your Christian walk or have good clean fun, I suggest you listen to this album. It is worth every penny you put into it. Every track is a new adventure to dive into, and it's that type of cd you just can't seem to get out of your stereo. It relates to everyone because it talks about the world and moral issues in the world, and Rob gives his firm non sugar coated opinion on them.

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