October 2002
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Welcome to Nellyville!!
Nellyville isn't a place, or a time or a destination.
By Farah Kurji, Hugh Boyd Secondary, Richmond, BC

***½ stars

After snagging four Grammy nominations, an American music award, and being named one of People magazine's "Breakthrough" talents of 2001, Nelly is back again with sophomore CD Nellyville.

Describing this album Nelly comments, "Nellyville is when I'm out kicking it, when I'm having fun, or when I'm chillin' with my folks. My life has been tough already growing up and that's not really something I choose to dwell on."

The album's first single "Hot in Herre," produced by the Neptunes, hit mainstream radio stations last June, making it one of the summer's hottest songs. Simply, it's a crazy party song that just keeps making you want to dance.

Nellyville features many of today's hottest artists. Justin Timberlake from ‘N Sync breaks away from his boy band roots to join Nelly in "Work it."

Also featured is Destiny's child member Kelly Rowland in "Dilemma". "Dilemma" explores the relationship between a mother, her son and the baby's father. Nelly explains himself as the outsider in this song that's "deeper than that between her (Kelly) and her baby's daddy. So all I'm doing is lettin' her know, I'll be there…it's real nice".

On a more personal level the song "Splurge" addresses the people who criticize Nelly's success and wealth. "I'm blessed and I enjoy cars and jewellery, but splurgin' don't always mean money, it's just means showin' love."

However familiar songs from his debut CD Country Grammar, "E.I." and "Ride wit me" are blueprints for songs like "Hot in Herre," "Nellyville" and "Spurge," making this CD similar to last.

But for all those who missed the Nelly craze last time, and for all those who are in need for some more, Nellyville is for you.

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