October 2002
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It Only Makes Sense
By Jason Greene, 18, Lethbridge, AB

When times were rough at home and school, I turned to drugs for support and comfort. I began smoking marijuana out of curiosity. After a while that curiosity turned into an overwhelming dependency.

I have had many experiences on drugs that would not have been as good if I were not high. A shy boy, I was more talkative when taking drugs. I participated more in class. Everyone liked me. I told jokes and made people laugh.

At the same time, drugs have ruined a chunk of my life. I often cut class in order to hang with friends and use drugs. I would also find myself in bad moods when I did not have my drugs. One thing I regret is losing some precious years with my mother because of arguing about my lifestyle. She tried to help me see what drugs were doing to me. I ran away from home and told her she wasn't the boss of me. The scariest part was that I would go to almost any extreme to obtain the drugs.

My experiences with drugs have been good and bad. I still do drugs but not at the level I once did. I strongly feel that drugs should be legal, especially those that grow naturally such as marjuana.

If drugs were legal, several good things would result:

People would have access to uncut drugs, reducing the number of drug-related illnesses and possibly even overdoses.

There would be a reduction in violence surrounding illegal drug deals and addicts committing crimes to get their high at street prices.

The number of drug-related incarcerations would go down, lowering the prison population.

The government would make money by taxing the drug trade, and save money on policing and prosecuting it.

In my opinion, if you do drugs occasionally and in a safe environment, they can be enjoyable and innocent. If they are abused they can be deadly to the mind and the body. Either way, by legalizing and strictly regulating drugs, the government could gain control of the drug scene – something it seems to be having trouble with now.

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