September 2001
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To Eat Or Not to Eat
By: Caitlin M.
In their early teens, females are coping with not only the changes in their body, but the pressures and views of society as well.
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Graduated Licensing and Seniors
By: Stephanie W.
If government leaders want to bring in a Graduated Licensing program for teens, fine. But I think that as drivers age, they should have to go for re-tests to keep their licenses. The goal of these tests would be to insure that older drivers are not a hazard to themselves or others while driving.
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By: Danielle M.
People of all ages have friends, from newborns crying together, toddlers in the sandbox, kids playing games, teenagers just hanging out, and adults... well who knows what they do. The point being, having friends can be considered a necessity of life.
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By: Ashley W.
I know I've had a cool day at school -- not when I get A's in class, but when I make it through the day without someone making fun of me.
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By: Gail A.
Believing in yourself, believing that you can is the start of everything in life. Being passionate about something makes you feel incredibly different than just living life.
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Everyone Gets the Blues
By: Danielle M.
Adolescents in particular are susceptible to depression because of the factors existing in the outside world, such as peer pressure, stereotyping, forms of prejudice, and so on.
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Our Future Aspirations
By: Jillian D.C.
Students in junior high may have lots of time to decide what profession they will chose, but it can be difficult to achieve a chosen profession if you donít have the correct courses selected.
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