September 2001
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By Danielle McCarthy, SNN Editor, Booth Memorial High, St. John's NF

Cliques, groups, in-crowds and out-crowds, clubs, teams. Any way you want to word it, these are your friends.

People of all ages have friends, from newborns crying together, toddlers in the sandbox, kids playing games, teenagers just hanging out, and adults... well who knows what they do. The point being, having friends can be considered a necessity of life. Without them, there would be no one to laugh with, no one to be there for you regardless of race, religion, or sex. Sure, you could always go to a professional with personal problems, but would most really have an interest in the latest gossip or intermural basketball game at school? Maybe so, however things may not feel the same.

It's no secret how to make friends. If you treat others with respect and dignity, then they will most likely gravitate towards you. No one wants to be buds with the class bully! If some people choose their friends based on materialistic factors, like their sneakers and jeans are the hottest brand, or discriminating factors such as colour of skin, then you don't need them as your pals.

Keeping your friends requires the same thing. As long as you respect people and are a trustworthy and honest friend to others, then you should be able to avoid any problem. Once in a while you might get into an argument; "Suzy told Bobbi that you told her I called Bobbi a snob!" This might happen more than once, but hey, no one is perfect. In those types of situations, the best thing to do is to sit with all the parties involved and discuss what allegedly happened/was said, and what really did happen/was said. If the problem can't be resolved, then agree to disagree, and put it behind you. True friends shouldn't talk behind people's backs or believe that you would.

If a friend makes you uncomfortable, or you feel that he/she isn't treating you the way you deserve to be treated, then let them know. Make sure that you are not saying that you would like this friendship to end, but only that there is room for change. In a friendship you learn to give a little, and then you might get a little.

During the course of your life, friends come and go. Tears may be shed, and people part their ways whether under good terms or bad. It's usually no one's fault, these things happen. You can't make everyone happy all the time, all you can do is be yourself and do what you feel is right. That, is perhaps the most important lesson learned through friendship.


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