September 2001
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Ontario Premier Set to Resign
By Janet W.
Ontario Premier Mike Harris announced this past Tuesday that he will resign as Premier of Ontario. Harris stated he will remain as MPP for Nipissing for the remainder of his term.
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Student Council Elections
By Jennifer K.
During the month of September, a handful of young men and women decided that they wanted to make a difference in their schools. They wanted to run for Student Council President.
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High School Students and Diabetes
By Mandy P.
With three people at Roncalli Central High School with diabetes, two have type one diabetes, and have to take needles three times a day or more.
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Decisions, Decisions
By Vanessa J.
These are just a few factors to think about when you are trying to decide on your university and hopefully, they will help you to feel good about your decision.
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Creating Yearbooks, Creating Memories
By Michelle N.
G.V.C. students know that yearbooks are a good way to create lasting memories, especially Ms. Shauna Hamm and approximately 40 students in Desktop Publishing who have already started making the 2001-2002 yearbook.
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New Computer Lab at G.V.C.
By Peter B.
Garden Valley Collegiate ordered 19 new computers over the summer and gave them to Mr. Deschauer for use with his students in Room N247.
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