September 2001
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New Computer Lab at G.V.C.
By: Peter Bueckert, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler MB

Mr. Justin Deschauer is having "happy thoughts" once again, now that he has his new computer lab. Garden Valley Collegiate ordered 19 new computers over the summer and gave them to Mr. Deschauer for use with his students in Room N247.

The new computers are not top of the line, but are still better than most and cheaper than the best. The computers are equipped with a Tbird 900 MHz processor, ASUS motherboards with onboard sound, 256 Mb of 133 MHz SDRAM. Gforce 2 MX video cards, Dlink 538 TX network adapters, 2 Maxtor 30 GB hard drives that run at a speed of 7200 RPMs per second, Samsung Syncmaster 17" monitors, and an Internet keyboard and mouse. All this combines to make high-end computers that will be good for years to come.

The new computers will be used most by students enrolled in Mr. Deschauer's specialized computer courses. These courses include Basic and Troubleshooting 30s along with Operating Systems 30s, Troubleshooting Computers and Networking Technologies 40s, and Computer Science 30s / 40s. These courses teach students about operating systems, how to do high-end programming, and how to heighten their skills in interactive benchmarking.


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