September 2001
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Creating Yearbooks, Creating Memories
By: Michelle Neufeld, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler MB

G.V.C. students know that yearbooks are a good way to create lasting memories, especially Ms. Shauna Hamm and approximately 40 students in Desktop Publishing who have already started making the 2001-2002 yearbook.

The Yearbook Committee has chosen its new theme, but the students who know it are sworn to secrecy. Working in groups, they came up with ideas for the theme and then selected the best one. The theme will be revealed to most G.V.C. students only in June -- on the day of the Yearbook Blitz.

In Desktop Publishing, the students are taught how to make a yearbook. This includes things like photography, making spreadsheets and layouts, writing captions and articles, and designing subheadings and a cover that coordinate with the theme.

The yearbook should be finished by March. Copies will be available to G.V.C. students at a cost of $25 on "Blitz Day" in June. After that day, the price will rise to $30.


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