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Not Dealing With it
By Sheila E.
The thought of suicide is caused by an emotional state of depression when a person feels that he, she, or those around them would be better off if he or she were dead.

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Schoolnet Youth Advisory Board
By Tori W.
We, as youth, have the power to change this world that we are a part of.

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Chun Jie Kuai Le
By Tiantian C. Wang
On January 22, Chinese people all over the globe are going to celebrate and welcome the arrival of a new year, The Year Of The Monkey.

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Yes or No to Teen Sex
By Anna Marie S.
I am abstinent because sex should have love behind it, not just lust.

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Ya Know Ya Gotta Go
SNN Staff
Talented artists from across the Atlantic Provinces will descend on St. John's in February ~ ~  Get Involved:  Cast your vote of Entertainer of the Year  or have fun: be a volunteer.

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