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On Wednesday, January 21st, police raided the home and office of an Ottawa journalist. An act that has outraged many, especially those in the media community.

Did this raid violate press freedom provisions under the Charter of Rights and Freedom OR was it an appropriate measure by the RCMP to uncover the person who leaked information to the press?

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Check out the story in the Globe and Mail  (Jan 21, 2004):
Ottawa The Mounties raided the home and office of a newspaper reporter yesterday, looking for evidence that on of their own officers may have leaked damaging allegations in the politically charged Maher Arar case....... read the Globe and Mail Story


For other Globe and Mail articles relating to this story, go to the Globe and Mail website and use the search option (Arar, Juliet O'Neill).

Also check out Ottawa Citizen, CBC, CTV for stories on this issue.


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