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By Danielle M.
No matter what religion you practice, there is an underlying theme in the story of Christmas family and togetherness.
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Art and Technology: A Wonderful Combination
By Kristel B.
Roncalli Central High school in Port Saunders tries to provide opportunities to all students in the school including athletes, musicians, actors, actresses, and artists. This year the school has invested in a digital art pallet.
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Teen Smoking
By Krista L.
Teachers, adults ask the question "why have so many of this young generation taken up the deadly habit, especially with the information they have on how smoking affects you?
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GVC Receives NIS Kudos
By Karen B.
Garden Valley Collegiate's participation in the SchoolNet's Network of Innovative Schools received high praise from the organization's communications officer.
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Determined to Succeed, Despite Setbacks
By Karen B.
A torn ligament in her right knee shortened her Zone 4 soccer season, but Lenore Friesen is optimistic she will be ready for basketball season next month.
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Sending the Message This Christmas
By Jennifer K.
A group of students from Roncalli have formed their own Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) Chapter.
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