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Teen Smoking
By Krista L.
Teachers, adults ask the question "why have so many of this young generation taken up the deadly habit, especially with the information they have on how smoking affects you?
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A Changed World
By Claire B.
The terrorist attacks were a bloody, painful, excruciating way of making us realize we are not alone in our existence. The billions of others here often do not share our wealth of jobs, home, a good meal on the table each evening, a safe bed to sleep in each night.
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My Latest Experience With Dieting
By Lily S.
My experience with anorexia has made me realize that I don't need to be slender to be liked and found attractive.
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Outspoken : Above and beyond Hollywood
By Shoilee K.
Outspoken, a film written and directed by Matthew Johnson, has the integrity, honesty and heart-wrenching emotion that much of the teen flicks spewing out of Hollywood lack.
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