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Art and Technology: A Wonderful Combination
By: Kristel Brown, Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders, NF

Using the digital art palletThere are several outstanding abilities that students can offer to their school including academics, sports, technology, and drama. However, not every student can obtain honor grades, be captain of the volleyball team or be the main actor in a play. What about the students who are artists, or web page designers? These students need to have opportunities available to them to broadcast their talent or potential to others.

Roncalli Central High school in Port Saunders, Newfoundland tries to provide opportunities to all students in the school including athletes, musicians, actors, actresses, and artists. This year the school has invested in a digital art pallet. The art pallet is connected to a computer and is used with a program called Painter Classic. The pallet and program enables you to draw and design pictures on a computer on a one to one ratio with a pen that is specifically made for the pallet, instead of drawing them on paper and scanning them.

Principal of Roncalli, Aurele Beaupre, said, "I think the art pallet is a good thing for the school because it allows students with artistic ability to express themselves not only on paper but electronically on a computer. This will then provide them with the opportunity to publish such work on the Internet if they choose."

One of Roncalli's artistic students, Lindsey House, described the art pallet as being "wicked". "I enjoy using it very much because I like to draw and I like computers, so the art tablet connects the two and allows me to showcase my creative and artistic abilities on television and the Internet".

Don Tulk, computer teacher at Roncalli said, "We are always looking for creative ways to help students find hidden talent. This digital art pallet is a wonderful tool that has allowed a number of students to express themselves in a different way. I am not an artist but I am very excited about the talent and what it will do for the artistic students."

The art pallet has captured the interest of many students at Roncalli and their artistic abilities are improving. There are many opportunities for students to be involved, no matter what talent or interest you have.