November 2002
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A "Special" Movie at GVC
By Karin E.
GVC's Shadow Crew created and edited a movie based on a book called I Am Special.
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Catching up with Safwan
By Farah F.
I had the chance to catch up with Safwan, the drummer from Wide Mouth Mason, after the release of the band's new album: Rained out Parade.
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Dave Mathews Band Gets Busted
By Nicole B.
After a one-year hiatus, Dave Matthews Band is back with another album entitled Busted Stuff.
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Holy Wood Plummets to Hell
By Jennifer C.
Marilyn Manson's latest c.d. is as fake and repetitive as his image.
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Slipknot Prodigy They're Not
By Katie F.
Slipknot front man Corey Taylor has unleashed the long awaited debut album for his decade-old side project, Stone Sour.
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No Reservations to Karma
By Amanda T.
Apache Indian mixes bhangra, reggae and hip hop to create his style.
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Sad but True
By Katie G.
The director, Mel Gibson, had quite a tough job considering that he was playing one of the main characters in The Man Without a Face.
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  The Undertow of Fate - a Musical Odyssey
By Christopher C.
"Escaflowne: the Movie soundtrack" comes highly recommended to fans of anime, neoclassical music, and concept albums.
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An Everlasting Tale
By Erin R.
"The Princess Bride" has a storyline you can't help but get hooked on.
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The Devil's Instrument
By Mahmoud H.
The Art of Violin presents the peak of the violin world in only two hours.
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BBMak Attack
By Erin R.
BBMak's first CD "Sooner or Later" is a compilation of surprisingly catchy tunes with genuine, heartfelt emotions.
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Going to the TOP!!!
By Farah K.
Ms. Jade has come out with her full-length debut album Girl Interrupted.
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Music Without Feeling?
By Shaena F.
As of today, rock and roll is dead or it has at least fallen into a deep coma.
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Pop is not Punk and Rock is not Rap…get it straight!
By Amanda L.
Artists have to remember to be real.
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Orchestra Wows New Brunswick audience
By Mahmoud H.
Jaws crashed when the National Arts Centre Orchestra graced the stage at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick.
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