November 2002
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The ‘Pop Queens'
By Lola S.
Are Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears fit role models for younger teens?
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University? No way! Not Me!
By Christina W.
Trying to decide what to do after high school can be a tough decision.
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By Jeremy C.
Remembrance Day is a tradition that should never end.
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Iraq – The next Target
By Nira D.
From Terrorist attacks to Globalization, the whole world is involved in what is best known as the War on Terrorism.
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A Golden Spirit
By Julia K.
The Golden Boy, one of Manitoba's best-known and most beloved symbols, is about the future.
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Happiness – Is Not A Toy That Can Be Bought
By Kaela S.
It's not having what you want, but wanting what you have.
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Half Way to Looking the Same
By Michelle H.
A school dress code could make everyone more equal.
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It's Contagious…
By Elicia H.
Adults and teens are under so much stress lately that the smiles seem to be forgotten.
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Murdered Before Birth
By Ryan C.
Abortion: We've all heard of it, and there's a good chance we know someone who's faced it.
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Parental Pressures
By Jessica
If parents laid off a little I think that they would see an extensive amount of achievement in their children's school work.
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Dreams Do Come True
By Lynn C.
The only thing that keeps everybody from achieving their dreams is themselves.
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  Athletes and Steroids Don't Mix!
By Jason C.
Athletes who choose to take drugs are making a big mistake and taking one heck of a chance.
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Nomads in Stilettoes? Pretty in Punk?
By Suzanne M.
I'm making my point loud and clear by NOT wearing these fashions.
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Common Courtesy in the Media: A Lost Art?
By Shauna W.
It's no secret that the tabloids can reveal your worst and best-kept secrets, regardless of whether or not they are true.
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Future of Youth: on Hold?
By Alodia L.
Nuclear weapons? War? These are some of the deplorable questions that floated in my mind at the time I heard the news about the production of Nuclear Weapons.
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Students Struggle with Their Appearance
By Shannon M.
Until girls reach the point of knowing they don't have to be perfect, eating disorders will always be common.
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Teens and Advertising
By Hayley G.
Advertising tells the viewer what he or she wants and then gives them the secret. The solution. The answer. What was the question?
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Why I Choose To Remember
By Erin P.
This day glorifies peace and the men who gave their lives for this peace.
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To University or Not
By Monique M.
I am a 17-year-old girl with a major decision to make.
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Remembrance Day: An Anachronism
By Mahmoud H.
Although it is vital that we continue to remember those who lost their lives in battle, it is equally important that we celebrate the contributions to society that have been made by equally courageous civilians.
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