April 2002
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Women's Rights
By Sarah K.
Thanks to our foremothers, a woman can do anything she pleases in today’s society. Or can she?
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What it Means to be Canadian
By Karen B.
What does ‘being Canadian’ mean to young people today?
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"I Told You, I'm Canadian"
By Shoilee K.
"You're what?"
"Oh. Well, I mean where are you really from?"

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The Double Cohort: What it is and who to blame
By Jennifer Y.
In Ontario, to any student graduating either this year or the year after, the Double Cohort spells Big Trouble.
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"Talkin' ‘Bout My Generation"
By Erika H.
Parents need not worry so much. Their children are fine.
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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (The Teenager Years)
By Danielle M.
Unfortunately, in most case scenarios for adolescents, relationships end.
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Graduate down a Size
By Katie M.
Grad is creeping up and fears of not looking perfect hover over....dieting has begun.
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